25 Feb

New scam to watch out for…

google-76517_1487942067697_2802910_ver1.0Beware of this one folks, it’s pretty nasty.

Once the malware is in your machine, and depending on how it is configured, it can do anything from injecting popup ads into webpages all the way to encrypting your personal files and holding them for ransom. The main thing to watch out for is a page that doesn’t seem to load properly with an error message that states “HoeflerText font not found”. If you see this,  DO NOT click the message. Close the page immediately and run Malwarebytes or your favorite antivirus software.

Click the link below for more information and as always , if you need help, we are only a phonecall away. Happy computing, everyone!



23 Sep

Regarding the Yahoo data breach

Hi all,

As most of you have heard by now, Yahoo experienced a massive data breach in which over 500 million (yes, million) user accounts were exposed to hackers. If you are a Yahoo account holder, here are some steps we recommend you take IMMEDIATELY:

1. Change your password (obviously) and change your security questions as well.

2.Watch your email for a notice from Yahoo that you may have been affected BUT, also make sure that you DO NOT reply to the email because there are bound to be scammers looking to capitalize on this disaster. There will undoubtedly be scam emails going out to try to fool folks into disclosing personal information.

3. If you use the same password at Yahoo that you also use at other sites, you should change your password at those sites as well.

4. Finally, keep an eye on your credit accounts for the next month or 2 to make sure that there are no unrecognized charges and if you find any, report them to your creditor immediately. The sooner you report it, the more likely your funds will be restored and the information you provide may help to track the perpetrators of this breach.

As always, if you need help with any of this, we are only a phonecall away at (941) 739-3600. Happy computing all!

7 Jun

Storm Tip #1

Welcome to the Florida Hurricane Season! Here is a tip to keep your computers, mobile devices and data safe as the storm season rolls through:
The single biggest threat to electronic devices in a storm is a power surge, of course, and so naturally the number one source of protection is a surge protector.

But what a lot of folks don’t realize is that their 10-year-old power strip under the desk is probably no longer providing the protection that they think it is.
The component in a power strip that provides surge protection is called a Metal-Oxide Varistor, or MOV.


What most folks don’t know is that these MOVs wear out over time, and even though the power strip still “works”, it is providing ZERO protection for any device plugged into it.
The solution for this is simple: Replace your surge protector strips every 2-3 years. They are fairly inexpensive and certainly cheaper than replacing a PC, TV, or other electronic device.
Keep watching our page in the coming weeks for other helpful hints to keep you and your PC safe during the storm season and as always, if you need help, we are only a phone call away!
Happy computing, all!

26 Nov

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving Administrative hours for Service & Scheduling :

Thursday November 28th – Sunday December 1st CLOSED for Thanksgiving Holiday

Normal business hours will resume Monday December 2nd at 8:30AM.

Please call 941.739.3600 for more information.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Computer Doctors!

Florida tax-free weekend

Just a note if you are in the market for a new computer, Florida’s tax-free weekend is happening today through Sunday, [&hellip

Summer is here!

It’s time to check your equipment to make sure your computer is protected from these summer storms and power outages. [&hellip

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