E-mail scams (Part 1)

12 Mar 2010 by Jeanette, No Comments »

We all get them – Spam emails. These emails come into our Inbox uninvited and tell you that you that you have won a lottery (that you didn’t enter in a country you don’t live in,) promises to help ‘enlarge’ certain areas of our bodies, and win lots of free things. We delete them and grumble a bit, hoping never to see them again. We know that these are phishing scams and that we shouldn’t respond to them.

But some phishing scams aren’t so easy to detect.

For example, you might get an email from an address that looks okay and you can’t tell that it’s “Spam”. Sometimes it says that you purchased something and the email wants you to click the link to verify the purchase. Other times you might receive emails from your “bank” asking you to renew your online banking password or dispute a charge. You may actually bank with this company, and the email sounds alarming so you might be inclined to click and see what they are talking about.


Before you click, look at the link the email wants you to click. Is it really leading you to where you think it is?

I found a great article from Microsoft about how to recognize phishing e-mails or links to help you see what I am talking about. Following those guidelines can help you protect you and your computer. Identity theft is a huge problem and “phishing scams” like these effect people all over the country every day.

Be careful about what you click!


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