E-mail scams (Part 2)

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This is an example of a an email you want to check out before you click (like we discussed in this post) This potential phishing email is telling you that someone wants to be your friend. It’s not from a bank like our last example talked about, it actually looks like it’s coming from a online community that you (supposedly) belong to.

But do you know who this is? Do you recognize the site that sent you this friend request? Probably not. I received this email and I have never heard of this ‘community’ or ‘friend’.

See the blue bubble box that is teling you that you have to click? Remember – You never have to click!

You can always do a quick Google search to get info about these types of emails if you are unsure if this is a phishing scam – See what other computer users are saying about the company. See if it is even a real company! Check out some of the forums that talk about them. Then you can make an informed decision before clicking that link.

Also, be wary of just clicking that bottom link (Click here to block all emails from…) because if this is a phishing scam, clicking that link will have the same same effect as clicking yes. You and your computer are vulverable to  identity theft and spyware attacks.

Not all emails are like this are phishing scams, but there are new ones coming out every day. Even if you find that this email is from a legitimate company, do you really want to click that? Be careful about giving your personal information out to an unsolicited sorce like that. If you didn’t ask for it, then don’t click it.

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