Computer Infection Education series III

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“Trojan horses are designed to allow a Hacker remote access to a target computer system.”

  Trojan is another word used often as blanket term for malware or a virus. This sneaky program does not replicate itself like a virus. It’s not the malware you will eventually see from this infection.

When I come across Trojans they are typically used as the doorway that serious infections use to get in your computer. For instance, you may click the wrong pop-up, which then infects you with a Trojan – Usually by way of a scare tactic, system optimizer, or error fixing program.  Once installed, it lets a remote system know you are vulnerable to attack by the main infection. Preventing or removing this threat can mean the difference between an infection that requires a tech and a simple scan with your antivirus and/or malware removal program.

If your antivirus detects and reports a Trojan to you I always recommend you stop what you are doing. Save and close your current work and do a full system scan.

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