Computer Infection Education series V

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“Worms use a computer network to send copies of itself to other computers on that network“

  This malware does self replicate like a virus, but it’s small and doesn’t piggy back with other programs. Instead, it clogs up a network by constantly trying to find other computers to compromise.

In my personal experience, these infections tend to by odd in nature and in most cases may not make itself known to the user. They can be used to compromise and control large amounts of computers on a network or lay dormant on a timer. These may be first noticed by a firewall or by network performance issues.

In my opinion, this is where good preventive measures really shine. If you suspect you have a worm, I recommend disconnecting from your current network (both wired and wireless.) This helps any other computers that you have on the network from becoming infected.  

Keep your antivirus and anti malware/spyware protection updated!

 Brad Button

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