Malware threats increase every day

14 Mar 2011 by Jeanette, No Comments »

I found a really interesting article on that talks about a big problem that we deal with every day, and something all of you should be very aware of – Malware threats.

According to the report, Malware-laden sites double from a year ago (click the link to read the article)

“More than 1 million Web sites were believed to be infected with malware in the fourth quarter of last year, nearly double from the previous year” and “The probability that an average Internet user will hit an infected page after three months of Web browsing is 95 percent.”

That’s huge. And believe me, we talk to clients every day that are infected with Malware that causes big problems with their computers.

Here are a couple of posts that we have made about Malware and Spyware and what they do to your systems, and what you can do to recognize these threats and help protect your computer and your identity.

Remember, you should always know which legitimate antivirus software you have. If you think you may have an infection, close all browser windows and run the appropriate security software as instructed by your technician or call us to setup an appointment ASAP. Regardless of how you handle this threat DO NOT provide any random pop-up with credit card information!

If you are unsure about what to do, always feel free to call us for advice!

To happy, safe web surfing,

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