22 Feb

Quick and easy desktop buying guide

We decided its time to make a post on a question I am asked every day:

“What kind of computer should I get, how much should I pay?”

I’m going to answer this assuming a couple things – You, the reader, are asking this question from an average computer user standpoint. You mainly type a document here and there, check your email and surf web pages. In other words, “the basics”. With that in mind, the following recommendations are my personal views and may not reflect other techs views or Computer Doctors. As always if you have questions on any of these suggestions call us!

First off, most computers only last around 5 to 6 years before major problems occur. This generally applies whether you spend $2000.00 on a computer or $500.00 (usually regardless of brand). Next, most computer makers do not manufacture the parts inside Desktops (with laptops and netbooks this isn’t always the case). What that means to you is the brand you had a bad experience with in the past most likely had nothing to do with the brand at all, so don’t be afraid to try another Dell, HP, Gateway etc. I will admit there are many features that will cause one brand to stand out over the other, in this case though we are looking at a price point and consumer standpoint where those features matter very little or not at all.

Now on to the advice!

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11 Feb

Mobile service

I know a lot of you have noticed that we closed our storefront location in the Creekwood Shopping Center and have called me, but to those of you that haven’t – let me assure you that we are still around!

We have gone back to being a mobile only business, and will come to you to work on your computer on-site. You don’t have to take your computer anywhere; our technicians will come to wherever you are!

Give me a call anytime and I can schedule a service call for you, or check out our Services page for more information.

Thanks, Jeanette

26 Jan

Avast! 5.0 personal review

I must say that I am very impressed with Awil’s latest release of Avast! free antivirus. I have been using and testing it for a couple of days now with great results. First, I’d like to list some of the most notable and useful changes:

  • No reboot required after initial install
  • Registration is done within the software (no email or long codes required)
  • The interface has been completely re-worked (no more confusing silver stereo thing)
  • More shields

The change that impresses me the most is the speed. Avast! has always been as fast as it was effective, and this version is no exception. Not only is the install streamlined, but in most cases I haven’t even seen a single bit of computer slow down after the install. The program seems to update more quickly and start with the computer even faster then before. The interface also seems to open more  promptly.

Now, keep in mind these claims are anecdotal and in no way reflect some scientific benchmark. All I can offer is what I’ve seen so far from installs on my computers as well as customer machines. So far (as you can tell) I’m very satisfied.

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20 Jan

Avast 5.0 released

There is a new version of Avast! Antivirus available! The download is exclusive to download.com website.

Here is a short video from cnet news about the new Avast. I’ll post a personal review soon.

The software can be downloaded HERE (and be sure to register Avast HERE)

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Florida tax-free weekend

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Summer is here!

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